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Short Bio

The Lost Tribe is an Afro-funk fusion ensemble, led by multi-percussionist, Jocelyn Pleasant. Their sound winds through many genres that are rooted in West African rhythms and sensibilities; blending tradition with innovation and keeping the DRUM at the forefront.

Longer Bio

The Lost Tribe is a drum-centered Afro-funk fusion ensemble, led by percussionist Jocelyn Pleasant. As a traditional percussionist and drum kit player, Pleasant wanted to create a group that showcased the drum as a lead instrument and melodic voice. Her goal was also to provide a platform for musicians of different but overlapping communities to come together. She started the group in 2016, with the goal of infusing the djembe ensemble into African Diasporic music like jazz, rock, blues, and reggae.

In addition to its core members, Lost Tribe performances often include various special guests that reflect the large talent pool of their community. Regardless of the line-up, the staples of a Tribe performance are energy, stage presence and GROOVE. They have opened for international acts Mokoomba (of Zimbabwe), and Trio da Kali (of Mali), were a featured artist at the 2018 Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz, and won first place at the 2019 Valley Music Showcase (of Western Massachusetts).

Their eclectic collection of music is available on Bandcamp and streaming platforms, including the EPs Diaspora and WLCT Radio, as well as two singles released in 2020, Say Their Names and Diaspora Sings.




“…a world groove band that [is] genuine and earnest and refreshing and they embrace positivity” 

-New Haven Independent, 2018

“The Lost Tribe was off on an Afrobeat-inflected ride.  Pleasant and her bandmates could not stop flashing smiles at each other.  Their joy proved contagious, as the crowd began to sway and then to dance.”  

-New Haven Independent, 2018

Enjoyed this homage to the roots and soul of music. Glad to see the younger musicians connecting to what is essential in culture. Good work, Jocelyn. Continue to pursue your passion…

…Influences from all over, a multi-talented group of musicians! This is what the future looks and sounds like!

– user comments from Nov 2022 New Haven Independent article

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