Diaspora Stories: Hartford

Diaspora Stories: Hartford is a three-part docuseries highlighting the history and intergenerational nature of Hartford’s African and African Diasporic arts community. The series focuses on the journey of different artists who have contributed to Hartford’s thriving arts community over the years, with a combination of interviews and new performance footage, featuring original music and arrangements by The Lost Tribe.

Part 1: The Drummers’ Path featuring “Abu” Alvin Carter Sr, Alvin Carter Jr, Inara Ramin, Asaad Jackson, and Jocelyn Pleasant.

Part 2: Is It Hip Hop featuring Jolet Creary and Studio 860

Part 3: La Source featuring Damian Curtis with The Lost Tribe

This project was completed collaboratively with Nygel White and Save Our Stories Films and funded by The Independent Artists Fund (through Free Center).  Check out the trailer below:

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